Lanette Mull

Lee-Davis H.S.
Class of 2003

As a sophomore pitching at the Varsity level I was timid on the mound with very little confidence.  I knew there was room for improvement but I wasn't sure how to achieve my goals like hitting spots, being confident on the mound, throwing various pitches, and being discrete about hiding the ball. Kerri Cobb entered my softball career and was able to make an incredible pitcher out of me. She boosted my confidence in a way that no other coach had been able to do through her phenomenal encouragement.

It was not only her absolute devotion to softball, but her loving the players as individuals and believing each person can exceed their goals.  Kerri helped me achieve many goals throughout the two years she worked with me, and made me a believer in loving the positioned I earned.  It was Kerri who contributed greatly to my achieving my goal of becoming a first team All-District pitcher in the Central Region.